About us

Brief introction
Secluded somewhere just outside the busy centre of Brasschaat, Antwerp, the Dutch couple Jacques Van Ouwerkerk and his wife Irene Dekkers, find sanctuary amongst their pigeons. Jacques has been mad on pigeons since he was 8 years old, but in those days practiced high flying and long flying with a kind of show pigeon. Don't be mistaken! When Jacques tells us that the so-called highflyers can stay in the air from dawn to dusk, then we have nothing but respect for the pigeons and their discipline! They are LITERALLY High Flyers!
We are only laymen concerning long flying, so we ask Jacques if it is possible to breed the long flyers, which can also apparently fly in darkness, with our racing pigeons. The antiques dealer tells openly that he has crossed his Sheffields, which was the sort of long flying pigeons he owned, with his own racing pigeons. With the course the long distance flights are taking, the pigeons have to be able to carry on for many hours and preferably reach home base either late at night or early morning. There are countless night landings in the Netherlands, but from the Barcelona, which was raced in the same weekend as St. Vincent I/Irun, there was also a so-called night flyer landing in Couvin. It is a dream from Jacques Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers to be able to experience such a thing.

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